Nepak is a blend of several grades of polymers and special additives studied and improved by our Company 25 years ago, in order to reduce thickness normally used in conventional LDPE by 15% to 30%, keeping mechanical strength and resistance of the product unchanged and improving shrinking features and results.
It has been proving to be very performing on automatic packaging lines, continuous motion and bundling machines.
Nepak can be used to manufacture all the articles of our range; over these years, thanks to several tests directly carried out by our technicians at customers’ plants, NEPAK has evolved in new formulae responding to customers’ new requests and specific applications.

Nepak responds to European Directives dictating the requirements for packaging composition and manufacturing. It was especially studied to meet European Directive UNI EN 13428 requirements (PREVENTION BY SOURCE REDUCTION). This regulation states the procedure of packaging assessment, to guarantee that its weight and/or volume are the minimum as to assure:

  • Functionality along the whole supply chain and for end-users/consumers
  • Safety and hygiene for the product and for end-users/consumers
  • That the packed product is acceptable by end-users/consumers

Currently, 90% of our customers have been using NEPAK blend, in different sectors such as:

  • Food and canning industries

  • Beverage

  • Bricks and ceramic tiles

  • Metallurgic and mechanic

  • Insulation

  • Glass

  • Papermaking and stationery industries

  • Furniture

  • Textiles

  • Clothing

Companies that have been using NEPAK blend have reduced their annual consumption by 20%, the volume of packed product being equal, getting a 15% economic saving. Articles manufactured with NEPAK blend are suitable for food and medicines contact, in conformity with Italian DM 21/03/73 and following emendations and EU Regulation 10/2011 and following emendations.
Should you need more information and further technical data about Nepak, please get in touch with us and our agents, by telephone or e-mails.