“All produced with Low Density Polyethylene, with the possibility to offer, along with traditional LDPE articles, our special blend called NEPAK that represents the best result of our technical know-how. We have been producing, for several years, some High Density Polyethylene articles, particularly studied for food and canning industries.”

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Thanks to the variety of our range, in addition to standard multi-purpose products, we can offer customized solutions, according to our customers’ requirements and production applications.
We have at our disposal the most updated and innovative extruding machines and we carry out accurate and continuous tests during every extrusion steps to guarantee a constant quality of our products and the respect of tolerances.
We supply leading firms in different fields: food and canning industries, beverage, bricks and ceramic tiles, metallurgic and mechanic, insulation, glass, papermaking and stationery industries, furniture, textiles, clothing and many others.
We have been operating with very good results on the whole national territory and with many customers in several foreign countries.